Welcome to Frederick’s premier pediatric therapy home!


Basal Therapies is more than just the standard private practice. We pride ourselves on taking a holistic approach to supporting children and families in our community. Planning for meaningful and individualized treatment includes consideration of details about your child and their interests, your family life, and other traits that make your family unique! 


When therapy is specific and contextualized, your child will achieve growth more quickly, and their improvements will last a lifetime!













                                                                                      Our Mission

At Basal Therapies, we provide a comprehensive and innovative framework that includes child-centered developmental therapy services, as well as support for families with the challenges they face in helping their children thrive. Our compassion and responsiveness help families understand their child’s needs, while collaborating to find individualized and meaningful solutions. We know development, you know your child!












                                                                                       Our Vision

Progress through passion for the whole child and family

At Basal Therapies, we genuinely care. We value collaboration, innovation, and individualization.

Each child is unique, and we cannot wait to get to know yours!