Our name, Basal Therapies, was derived from our focus on foundational learning. Basal means “relating to, situated at, or forming the base.” Our approach is to focus on building the foundation on which children and families can thrive and as such, Basal Therapies was founded. Our holistic approach encompasses all the developmental domains in a synergistic fashion, whereby treating the whole child and family makes for greater results than if we address each need on its own.










Five Developmental Domains


how your child thinks and learns

how your child understands and uses language, both verbally and non-verbally
Adaptive Skills

how your child participates in self-help activities to contribute to their health and safety
Motor Development

how your child can move around and manipulate their environment,

includes gross motor and fine motor development
Social-Emotional Skills

how your child learns to make sense of emotions and to develop meaningful relationships with others











Our Difference

Families should not feel like getting their child what they need is a fight. You should not be intimidated by the therapy process. At Basal Therapies, you will not only be welcomed into the therapy process but will be encouraged to play an active role in your child’s development. In order to promote growth and change in a meaningful way, you need to not only be informed, but you must feel involved! All families should have access to programs and treatment that come from the most innovative research.


Basal Therapies will be your local therapy home and family support practice that provides this level of care, which you and your child deserve!